Learnosity: self hosted mode

If you are hosting Learnosity integration yourself, please use the following JSON for configuration of the Questions Editor. See also Learnosity documentation on Question Type Templates.

JSON Snippet

Custom Region Button

With the snippet above you will be able to add the GeoGebra Popup Calculator to any item using the Question Editor. To use the popup across multiple items you can define a custom button:  { "type": "custom_button", "options": { "name": "geogebra", "label": "GeoGebra Graphing", "icon_class": "lrn_btn ggb-calc-toggle ggb-icon-graphing" } } For complete code see https://dev.geogebra.org/partners/learnosity/popup.php . See also Learnosity documentation on Custom Buttons. The icon class should match the label. The suggested combinations are listed below:
GeoGebralrn_btn ggb-calc-toggle
GeoGebra Graphinglrn_btn ggb-calc-toggle ggb-icon-graphing
GeoGebra Geometrylrn_btn ggb-calc-toggle ggb-icon-geometry
GeoGebra 3Dlrn_btn ggb-calc-toggle ggb-icon-3d
GeoGebra CASlrn_btn ggb-calc-toggle ggb-icon-cas
GeoGebra Probabilitylrn_btn ggb-calc-toggle ggb-icon-probability
GeoGebra Spreadsheetlrn_btn ggb-calc-toggle ggb-icon-spreadsheet