Dartboard Assignment


Given a square dart board with some targets, perform experiments to determine the probability of hitting the targets. Experimental Probability - the ratio of the number of specified events to the total number of events. Theoretical Probability - found when you make use of a formula to find the probability of an event.



Experimental Probability - 25 / 60 = 0.41666 x 100 = 42% Theoretical Probability - 36/ 100 = 0.36 x 100 = 36%


Out of 60 shots, 25 darts actually made it on the target. Divide 25 by 60 and you get an an experimental probability of .41666 or .42. Since the area of the target is 36 and and the area of the dartboard itself is 100, the theoretical probability would be .36. The experimental probabilty was .42 while the theoretical probability was .36. They are only 0.06 units apart from each other, meaning they're relatively close to one another.