Conic Sections

Check Out Conic Sections!
  • Check or Clear "Show Axes" to set visibility of x, y, and z axes
  • Adjust Cutting Plane using Tilt (angle), Shift (left/right), and Height (up/down) sliders
  • "Reset View" to restore default viewpoint and stop motion
  • "Reset Plane" to restore cutting plane to starting orientation
  • "Tilt Plane to Slant of Cone" sets plane tangent to cone edge (then adjust Shift or Height for true parabola)
  • "View Above Section" sets view directly above (perpendicular to) section
  • "Spin It!" to automatically revolve view around the z-axis
  • "Stop" to stop revolving
  • "Projection Type" button (4th) in 3D view to select 3D glasses
You can also manipulate the 3D view by Right-Click-Dragging