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Accelerated Geometry Town

The specifications for your town project are listed below. TASK 1 First create new street that is perpendicular street to 1st and 2nd Avenues. Use the fourth tool from the left (with one blue dot and intersecting black and red lines) and select the first option Perpendicular Line. Now select somewhere on the map you would like to start. A point will appear called M to represent "Me" or where you are located on the map. Now select 1st Avenues and vertical line should appear on your map. You may need to push the undo button and try a few times. TASK 2 Now, drag the icons for the given building to the appropriate places. You can isolate the angles you need more easily by selecting/deselecting the check marks for the designated streets. If you need to reset your buildings, click the double-arrow icon in the upper right corner. Here are the clues to build your town: • The post office is located at an acute angle. • The school is located at an obtuse angle. • The house and grocery store are alternate interior angles. • The gas station and shopping center are alternate exterior angles. • The grocery store and town hall are a supplementary pair. • The house and park are corresponding angles. • The town hall and gas station are vertical angles. • The grocery store and restaurant are complementary angles. • The park and barber shop are adjacent angles. • The stoplights are located on parallel streets.
To submit your town... 1. Take a picture (screenshot) of your Geometry Town. 2. Go to Canvas. 3. Submit your image. If this does not work, you can also email me a screenshot of your work.