Parametric curve - 3D Love Math

Examples of parametric curves, created by single pairs of non-piecewise parametric equations. I came up with the method for creating such curves (or at least if someone else beat me to it, I'm unaware of it). My method utilizes and reinforces high school level Math skills (domain/range, function transformations, function addition, function composition, writing sinusoid equations, parametric equations). Inspired by the "Batman Equation" of 2011 and Wolfram Alpha's "person curves." This is my first attempt at a 3D version of this process. Instructional how-to video here: Note: For unknown reasons, GeoGebra fails to display the curve over the entire t-interval [0, 28]. It would only graph small subintervals at a time, such as the “curvy” part on t-interval [6, 14]. It seemed to especially have trouble with the linear portions. Therefore I plotted 3D points and connected them with the polyline([points]) command for all linear portions.