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How Do You Figure?

Definition 13-14

A boundary is that which is an extremity of anything. Edges bound things, the borders of a nation outline the country, fences bound yards, your skin bounds your squishy bits; easy. A figure is that which is contained by and boundary or boundaries. A figure is a shape formed by containing some area/space/etc. These can be 2-D, 3-D, or even bigger but will mostly focus on 2-D shapes on a plane.

Tool Practice

We have a new tool, Toolbar Image, which lets you draw new figures or outline figures you drew before. Use the line toolsToolbar Image to draw a shape with your choice of sides, use the point toolToolbar Image to mark an intersections you need for your figure, then you can use Toolbar Image to outline the figure by clicking on the vertices of your figure; it will also fill in the figure you outline. Use Toolbar Image to free draw a figure also. Feel free to play around with these features until you are comfortable with them.

Definition 13-14