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Use the GGB app below. and writes a small composition about the values of from an angle between and . For your writing you should remember 10th year maths subjects related with maps, maps is the more common English word for functions. Start by writing a table about the phenomena that you see in the application of GeoGebra . Then do not forget the notion of zero and maximum of a function. Also remember some notables values of .

Write here, the answer to this question.

Remember that you can always write using LaTeX. You can use the ShareLatex online platform that is now also Overleaf. You can use yor previous password. The work in LaTex can also be shared with the teacher. In the last option, you may deliver your work on paper. If not use the box above to write your answer, please write that the answer will be given otherwise and indicate it. Thank you. PS: You can aced to Overleaf and ShareLaTeX by the link: