Practice Using Paired Numbers



Background   Forest fires are often fought using special airplanes called slurry-bombers.  Slurry is a liquid that helps control and put out forest fires.   Slurry-bombers are directed to their targets by controllers using coordinate system grid maps.  The controller directs the pilot to spots on the map using paired numbers. For example, “fly to and drop your load on (5,4).”   You are a controller in training. This GeoGebra activity has been designed to help controllers learn to use paired numbers on a coordinate system grid efficiently and accurately.   Instructions   On the GeoGebra page are six red target circles representing fires at various points on the coordinate system grid.   The slurry-bomber is represented by the blue symbol at the origin(0,0).   Your task is to direct the slurry-bomber to each fire six sites by entering the (X,Y) coordinates of a fire into the input box and then pressing the ENTER key.   The slurry-bomber will leave blue slurry on the points you send it to. Try to hit all the red fire circles without dropping any slurry off the targets.  If you do miss a fire circle, keep going and try to hit all the fire circles with as few misses as possible.   If you have some misses and want to try again, simply reload this page.