Coterminal Angles Practice (Degrees)


Finding Conterminal Angles

Coterminal angles: are angles in standard position (angles with the initial side on the positive x-axis) that have a common terminal side. In general, if θ is any angle, then θ + n(360) is coterminal angle with θ, for all nonzero integer n. For positive angle θ, the coterminal angle can be found by: θ + 360°

Coterminal Angles Notes

How to Use the Applet to Answer Questions!

Using the applet above to enter values for the General Angle. Then, use the slider to test different vales of alpha α which produce Co-Terminal Angles to the General / Given Angle.


Using the applet above, enter 106 for the General Angle. Find the next Coterminal Angle.

Check all that apply


Enter 157 as the Given / General Angle. Find and select all angles below which are Co-Terminal.

Check all that apply


Is it possible to list all the conterminal angles for a given angle, α ?

Check all that apply

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