Line Graph of Simpson's characters

How to Use

The resource can be used to either demonstrate how to draw a line graph or how to interpret a line graph. It uses the context of "How many Simpsons' characters are at the Simpsons' house on any given hour. Drawing: The 'Show whole graph' box should be unticked with the 'Show people' box ticked (although this can be unticked at anytime for additional questioning). Moving the slider one hour at a time will change the number of characters and represent this on the graph. This can be continued up to 10pm. Interpreting: The 'Show whole graph' and 'Show people' boxes should be ticked. Moving the slider one hour at a time will show the connection between the graph and the number of Simpsons' characters. The 'Show people' box can be unticked to question students about the graph. For example: "How many people are there at 3pm" "How many more/less people were there at 7pm than there were at 6pm" "At what time were the most people present?" "At what times is Smithers present?"