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Special Hyperboloid of 1 Sheet as a Locus

The following applet illustrates a special hyperboloid of 1 sheet. The equation of this particular hyperbola is . Note: This applet will only work if the white point is on the right branch of the hyperbolic cross section. Feel free to move this point wherever you'd like. You can also adjust the values of the parameters a and b using the sliders. How does the action you see here compare with the action seen here? To explore in Augmented Reality, see the directions below the applet.

To Explore in Augmented Reality:

1) Open up GeoGebra 3D app on your device. 2) Go to MENU, OPEN. Under SEARCH, type pPHpF3cN Note this code can be seen in the URL for this resource. 3) You can move the LARGE WHITE POINT anywhere on the hyperboloid you would like prior to selecting the AR button (i.e. prior to putting this hyperboloid in AR). The n slider shows the animation. The d slider controls the angle of the black (2D) hyperbola. The a and b sliders control the parameters of the equation of this hyperboloid of 1 sheet.