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Vertex Form

Be sure your sliders are set at a=1, h=0 and k=0 to start with the original parent function. You are going to explore how placing numbers in for a, h, and k transforms the parabola. As you work throughout the questions, consider the transformations that you see happening.
1. Use the sliders so that you have the function f(x)=1(x+3)+1. What happened when h was a positive number and k was a positive number?
2. Use the sliders to determine what happens when a=1 and both h and k are negative numbers.
3. Use the sliders set at h=0, k=0 and figure which transformation a is. How are positive a values different from negative a values?
4. Describe in words the transformations that occur in the function f(x) = 2(x-6)+8.
Task Modified from Ana Escuder