nspire Introduction



nspire is a calculator that can pretty much do everything. From programming to geometry to basic calculations, the nspire can do it all. We got a basic introduction to the kind of things the nspire can do. The software for the online version is also great because the screen is larger and students can follow along by looking at the screen. Another great feature is the "start a class" option that allows teachers to give students documents as well as quiz them.
This is the main screen that pops up when you open a new document. From here you can select numbers 1-7 to open up the following programs. Calculator - Perform computations and enter expressions, equations and formulas in proper math notation. Graphs - Plot and explore functions, equations and inequalities, animate points on objects and graphs, use sliders to explain their behavior and more. Geometry - Construct and explore geometric figures and create animations. Lists & Spreadsheets - Perform mathematical operations on data and visualize the connections between the data and their plots. Data & Statistics - Summarize and analyze data using different graphical methods such as histograms, box plots, bar and pie charts and more. Notes - Enter notes, steps, instructions and other comments on the screen alongside the math. Vernier DataQuestTM - Create a hypothesis graphically and replay data collection experiments all in a single application. Information taken from: https://education.ti.com/en/us/products/calculators/graphing-calculators/ti-nspire-cx-cas-handheld/tabs/overview



ICT Learning Outcome

ICT Learning Outcome
Using the nspire for all that is can is part of the 10C Relations and Functions part of the curriculum number 1 specifically ICT C6-4.3. Students will use the calculator to manipulate data about inferences and probabilities.

Example Questions:

Grade 10: Teachers could send students documents through the nspire and the students could work through the worksheet and do a mini quiz at the end of it.


I really like this technology because there are many different things that can be done that any other calculator cannot do. I like the teacher software because it allows the teacher to keep track of their students, send information, and help students follow along on a bigger screen. I would use this in my classroom if we had the funds to support it.