A.4.1.3 Talk about a Function part 1

Below is a pair of quantities from a situation you’ve seen in this lesson. The pair has a relationship that can be defined as a function. For the pair of quantities express their relationship as a function (each input has only 1 output) 1. In that function, which variable is independent? Which one is dependent? 2. Write a sentence of the form “_________ (output) is a function of _________ (input).” 3. Sketch a possible graph of the relationship on the coordinate plane. Be sure to label and indicate a scale on each axis.

time, in seconds, since the owner left and the total distance, in feet, that the dog has walked while waiting

In the situation that involved time and the total distance walked by the dog, suppose the distance is the input and the time is the output. Is it possible that when the dog has walked 27 feet, 50 seconds, 55 seconds, and 60 seconds have passed?

Can the time be a function of the total distance walked? Why or why not?