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Solving Right Triangles 3D Quick Quiz


In this practice you you are to choose the right triangle property to use if you were given the two solid green values and needed the dashed red value. A little algebra may be required may be required to solve for the value. This practice is for making the choice of where to start when solving for right triangle values. You may need to rotate your view to see which parts of the triangle are highlighted. Try rotating the view before you begin. You begin by clicking your first selection button. Then the timer starts counting down for 20 correct selections in two minutes which is a good goal. Watch the problem counter. When you get 20 correct your results will be displayed. Making another selection will restart the timer. When you make an incorrect selection, the correct choice is highlighted. This applet will also help train your brain to visualize drawings in three-dimensions. So keep practicing till you get confident. It also helps to practice before going to sleep. Sleep is a time when your brain keeps learning from the days activities.