Activity #25__ Angle - Angle - Side triangle

Solve the Real-Life Problem

You are skiing on a mountain with an altitude of 1200 ft. The angle of depression is 21 degrees. Find the distance " x" you ski down the mountain to the nearest foot. (what is the distance of line segment CB?)


1. Choose the Segment with Given Length tool and enter 1200 . (line segment AB). 2. Then use the Move tool to make your line segment vertical. (point A on top). 3. Choose Perpendicular Line tool and then click point A and then click onto line AB. (should have to 2 lines - -one horizontal and one vertical and are perpendicular to one another). Angle A should be 90 degrees. 4. Create a point C (pretty far away from point A) on the horizontal line. 5. Using the Steps toolbar, hide both lines, leaving points A, B, and C. 6. Using the polygon tool, create a triangle ABC. 7. Using the Angle tool, find the angle measurement of C. 8. Use the Move tool to adjust point C until the angle of C is exactly 21 degrees. Make sure angle A is 90. 9. Using the Distance/Length tool, find the length of line BC.

Your final triangle should look like this.

Your final triangle should look like this.