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Activity #10__ the Show/Hide Object tool

Activity Goal

Create 2 lines with 3 points. Then hide the lines, leaving the points.  ​ Lastly, use the polygon tool to create a triangle ABC.​ See the directions below. ​


​ 1.  Under BASIC Tools, select LINE. Create the line AB.​ 2.  Create another line AC. (both lines go thru point A__ see image below). ​ 3.  Under EDIT Tools, select Show/Hide Object and click onto both lines (lines should become gray). 4.  Under BASIC Tools, select Polygon.  follow directions to create the lines of the triangle.​ 5. Under BASIC Tools, select Move. Move /adjust the points to change the shape of the triangle. ​ Advanced Technique: Instead of step 3 above, go into the Steps tab and unclick both lines.​ (see image below)

After step 2, Two Lines with 3 Points

After step 2, Two Lines with 3 Points