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"Don't touch the ground" - the model of a bouncing ball

The GeoGebra model is fitted to the data obtained from videomeasurements of bouncing ball: To put your own data download ggb file. Next run the model in offline mode and create a new list of points. To make an effective control of the model look over: There are different methods of control depends on a magnitude sensitivity - compare action with a timeline: 00:00 - 00:07 control of Vx by mouse 00:10 - 00:28 control of Vy by mouse 00:30 - 00:50 control of Vx by hotkeys CTRL + <- or CTRL + -> 00:52 - 01:01 point at Vx' without action 01:03 - 01:08 control of Vy' by mouse 01:10 - 01:16 control of Vy; by hotkeys CTRL + <- or CTRL + -> 01:20 launch simulation 01:50 control of the bounce moment by mouse and the hotkeys