At the Gas Station - Task

At a gas station the cost of fuel is shown in five different representations: What are the advantages and disadvantages of each representation? Below are some questions asked by customers at the gas station. Indicate which representation can be used to answer best each question. Are there representations that you find more convenient for answering certain questions?
  • Bill: My car gets 10 kilometers per liter. How much will it cost me to drive to the National Park, 150 kilometers away, and back?
  • Maxine: I'm lucky I found a gas station. My tank is almost empty! The tank has a capacity of 80 liters. How much will it cost to fill up?
  • Mary and George:: We are splitting the cost of the ride. We burnt 32 liters of gas. How much should each of us pay?
  • Sam: Please fill up $25. How many liters will I get?
  • Ellen: I have only $10. How much gas can I get?