Samantha Cruz

GeoGebra in Inquiry-Based Activities

Title: Using GeoGebra to Foster Discovery Learning in Inquiry-Based Activities using the SPORT method Samantha Cruz Description: Inquiry-based activities are timeless in mathematics, but GeoGebra opens up possibilities for inquiry-based instruction that would otherwise be difficult for students to explore. The SPORT Method is a way to organize student exploration into Specific cases & examples, Patterns and Observations in Writing, writing a Rule, and Testing & Checking Rules. With GeoGebra, students can explore both algebraic and geometric relationships with an unlimited number of specific cases and examples. In this session, teachers will create or curate GeoGebra resources that will allow students to explore targeted relationships and use those resources to create formative assignments that can be used to integrate the resources into the classroom using the SPORT method. Be sure to bring your own device.