Construction of a rectangle


Which one is always a rectangle?

Look at the three quadrilaterals, al first glance they look the same. Now, drag the vertices...

  • What happens when you drag one of the vertices in the first object? Does it continue being a rectangle?

  • In the second and the third rectangle, after you drag the vertices are both of them a rectangle jet? What is the difference between them?

In dynamic geometry, if you want to make a rectangle as a construction, you must consider the significant properties of a rectangle. When the construction is done, you should be able to drag some of the vertices to change the rectangle without destroying the properties of the rectangle. Geometria dinamikoan, laukizuzen bat eraiki nahi baduzu, laukizuzenaren propietateak izan behar dituzu kontuan. Irudia eginda dagoenean, erpinak mugitzeko gai izan behar zara baina irudia laukizuzen bat izaten jarraitu behar du.