Look at the triangles above. How could we transform ABC into  AB'C' without moving vertex A?

Could you have done the same things with translations? Why or why not?

A rotation is a transformation that turns a figure about a fixed point for a given angle, called the angle of rotation, and a given direction. The angle of rotation is the amount of rotation about a fixed point, or point of rotation. Rotation can be clockwiseor counterclockwise. The point of rotation can be a point on the figure, outside of the figure or inside the figure.

In your own words, give the definition of rotation.

Which two directions can you rotate a figure?

What is the angle of rotation?

A point of rotation can be found in three places. Put a point of rotation on each of the figures below.

Use the toolbar below to play with rotations below and create your own design! The style button on the right allows you to change the color of your triangle.


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