How to Explore Any Public GeoGebra Resource in Augmented Reality

GeoGebra Explorers:

Have you ever found a 3D GeoGebra resource (created by someone else) that you would like to explore in GeoGebra Augmented Reality? Well, you can! It's SUPER EASY! Before you do so, be sure your device has both GeoGebra 3D Graphing Calculator & ARCore by Google installed on it. For more info, click here. Directions: 1) Open up an internet browser app on your device and go to GeoGebra's site. 2) Find any 3D GeoGebra resource. (Here, I will use this cool resource by Matthew Connelly). 3) Suggestion: Interact with the resource here before exploring it in GeoGebra Augmented Reality. (Here, in Matthew's resource, sliders k and n both do different things.) 4) Here's the important part: Look at the URL to the GeoGebra resource. Copy the last string of characters. (Note: For Matthew's resource, it's xncmzkun. See pic.)
5) Open up GeoGebra 3D Graphing Calculator on your device. 6) Go the 3 horizontal bars (menu) upper left corner. Select OPEN. 7) In the search bar, paste the string of characters (resource ID) you copied in step (4). This will cause the resource to instantly appear. Tap on it, and it will open in the 3D app. Another option here is to type the title of the resource. This could work, yet this search may find several others from which you'll then have to find & choose. Typing the resource ID is the quickest and most efficient way of finding it. 8) If you need further steps WRT activating Augmented Reality, see this quick 2-min screencast. Have fun!

Quick Demo (Matthew Connelly's Cardioid Solids)