Delta Blocks

Introduction to Elevator Graph

Press Reset and Start buttons. What do you notice? Try moving segments A-F and press Reset and Start. Move the blue vertical line left and right to see what it represents. Try changing the Initial Floor to a positive or negative number, then press Reset and Start. Challenge: Create a graph that has the elevator end up on floor 2.

Position (Floor) Graph

Use the purple segments to draw the POSITION graph (from the floor at beginning of each second to floor after the second) for your elevator graph (VELOCITY) above. When you press Reset and Play, how does the position graph and the elevator (velocity) graph say the same thing but in different ways? How "fast-ness" represented in each? Now change the initial floor of your elevator up or down a floor or two. Press Reset and Play. What's different? The same? Use the orange segments to draw the new POSITION graph for this new motion. What do you notice about the graph(s)?