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Let's cook the new pasta!

In the Food Designer activity you have created a new pasta shape, drawn its outline and its 3D model. Use the equation that you obtained in that activity to explore what happens when you cook the "Drops" pasta that you have just created.

In the meanwhile...

A catering company is enthusiastic about your creation, and wants to use your pasta for a new recipe of stuffed pasta. They plan to sell every day 150 baking pans, each one containing 11 stuffed "Drops". But before stuffing and putting the pans in the oven, pasta needs to be briefly cooked in water.

Before cooking...

What is the volume of space occupied by one "Drop"?

Let's cook it!

What is the volume of space occupied by one "Drop" after cooking, considering that cooking increases its initial volume by 20%?

Pots and pans

After pre-cooking all the "Drops" necessary to fill 150 baking pans, will it be possible to store all the cooked pasta into a cylindrical pot, tall 21.12 cm and having the diameter of the base long 40 cm? Explain your conjectures.