Investigating Angles in P_______ L______


Questions to answer

The task here is to identify ways of remembering properties of angles in a certain geometric situation. Get used to how the webpage works, what can you move, what happens when you click on the checkboxes on the right? For steps a-d below, make sure you answer in full sentences, your homework will be marked on whether someone can follow your work without having this webpage in front of them, and you are writing your own aide-memoire, so the fuller the descriptions, the better! 1) Move the 2 red dots, what happens? This worksheet concerns angles in p______ l______ [fill in the blanks] 2) Work through the 6 checkboxes in turn, making sure you click one back off before you select the next one. For each one, answer the following questions: a) What shape is highlighted? b) What is the point of this shape? Which angles does it help identify are equal, or share a certain property? c) What is the one-word name of this angle property (hint: it's one of the words in the checkbox you've just checked] d) Draw yourself a picture of this property (make sure you label the p______ l_____ in your diagram). Finally: Apart from the 3 angle properties this page shows (the 3 one-word properties you identified in step c), there is another angle property highlighted on this page. It's acronym is VOAAE. What is it? Draw a picture in your book to describe this property.