Perimeter Puzzle (B)

See Lab Instructions below the GeoGebra window.
PERIMETER PUZZLES (B) Introduction and Background Read the conditions for each polygon and then construct and label polygons that match the conditions. Use the POLYGON tool to construct the shapes. Use the DISTANCE OR LENGTH tool to have GeoGebra compute and label the perimeter of your polygons. Just select this tool and click anywhere inside the polygon. You can use this tool to label the length of sides of polygons by carefully clicking on the side you want measured and labeled. Use the MOVE (pointer) tool to drag the corner points of your polygon to change its size or shape. This way you can experiment in trying to find a polygon that fits the Construct in Box A Clue 1: a triangle Clue 2: perimeter equals 50 units Clue 3: all sides have different lengths Construct in Box B Clue 1: a rectangle Clue 2: perimeter equals 60 units Clue 3: the width is two times the length of the height Construct in Box C Condition 1: a triangle Condition 2: perimeter equals 20 units Condition 3: two sides are equal in length  Construct in Box D Condition 1: a pentagon Condition 2: perimeter equals 25 units Print When all four polygons are constructed and labeled, print the GeoGebra page.