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Plotting integer points in linear programming

hi all, Sometimes it is necessary to find the integral solutions in teaching linear programming problems in secondary school. The problem is some of my colleagues and I tried to find an easy solution for marking integer points in regions in geogebra but we didn't find a flexible solution. After mixing up several solutions from all of you, I made this very short tutorial and geogebra template file especially for linear programming problems. I hope this solution would be easy for you. I tried to credit the author of the previous information but if I missed anyone of you I am sorry for this. The following commands are used in the file. Keepif command: IsInRegion Command: The integer points using Corner function was found here. The region intersection command was found here. command: a(x, y) ∧ b(x, y) ∧ c(x, y) 1. In my file I tried to set 4 corners of the visible plane. 2. Mark the first 2 integer points on the visible plane using ceiling and floor functions. 3. Mark all integer points on the visible plane using join and double sequence functions. 4. Typed 3 inequalites. 5. Find the overlapped region of those inequalities using ∧ command 6. Check and keep if the integer points are in the region. I hope anyone of you can improve my solution too. thank you.