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वर्तुळ व त्याचे गुणधर्म

Circle, Terms
वर्तुळ म्हटले म्हणजे त्याचे भाग आपणास व त्याचे गुणधर्म, व व्याख्या माहित असणे आवश्यक आहे या भागात आपण वर्तुळाची त्रिज्या, व्यास ,जिवा स्पर्शिका, छेदिका ची माहिती करून घेणार आहोत. तसेच या कृतीच्या साह्याने आपण त्यांच्या व्याख्या व गुणधर्म स्पष्ट करणार आहोत.

वर्तूळ व त्याचे भाग

Circle Terminology (Matching with KEY)

Circle Terminology-Definition Prompts

 13-.1 Introduction :                     Study of circle play very important role in the study of geometry as well as in real life. Path traced by satellite, preparing wheels of vehicle, gears of machines, rings, drawing designs etc. Many mathematics concepts get cleared and  understands with the study of circle. It influences the mathematics that is taught and enhances students learning.   13.2. Observe and Explore. (Step – 1) Task – 1.      Different shapes of video.                                 ( Time – 5 Min.)                     The aims of showing this video is to create interest of the student. by showing different shapes, teachers will ask the questions to the students.   Activities – 1. 1.        Students you have seen different figures in video. Can you tell me what is the shape of the last figure which you have seen? 2.        Teacher will ask so many questions on video clips and involve students in ‘’guided discussion’’ that lead to concept of circle.   Activities – 2. Video clipe                     Teacher will take students on the play ground and do the activities as shown in video clips. At the end teacher will ask the questions leading to the previous knowledge. Teacher        :         What did you find in this clip? Pushkar       :         Sir, I had seen wheel of cycle, car, auto riskshaw, bullock cart. Teacher        :         How was their shape? Pushkar       :         Sir, their shape are circuler. Teacher        :         What you have seen in the ring of cycle? Pushkar       :         I had seen spokes. Teacher        :         All the spokes are of equal length? Minu            :         Yes sir, All the spokes are of equal length. Teacher        :         Equal length is called radius and mid point is called centre of the circle. Minu            :         Does It mean that all the radius of the circle are equal? Teacher        :         Yes, Absolutely right. Rudraksh     :         If I will join two spokes. Will it be the diameter? or chord of the circle? Teacher        :         Yes, the chord passing through the centre of the circle is called diameter. Minu            :         It means that diameter is doubled than the radius? Pushkar       :         No sir, I say that the radius is half of the diameter. Teacher        :         Don’t argue. Both of you are correct. (Teacher will explain circle after all discussion)