Jean Baptiste Biot - Geometrics 7

Jean Baptiste Biot - Geometrics 7 This rotationally symmetric object is similar to a trefoil knot. The underlying grid was kept for accurate GeoGebra rendition. (It was created, then rotated pi/6 to be faithful to the original, so the isometric grid lines do not match up with the diagram.) “These geometric studies, dated to 1896, were originally educational plates designed to explain the role of geometry in science. The beauty of these images lies in their simple yet sophisticated feel. The pieces are deckled and floated on linen, then framed in acrylic and embellished with a leather strap.” source credit: from wikipedia: Jean-Baptiste Biot (1774–1862) was a French physicist, astronomer, and mathematician who established the reality of meteorites, made an early balloon flight, and studied the polarization of light. Biot also discovered the mineral biotite. credits: