Battleship: Polar Coordinate Style (V2)


This game is played like regular battleship, yet this time you need to state POLAR COORDINATES when attempting to shoot at a point in hopes to begin (or continue) sinking a ship. Yet here the ships can be straight or circular! On your game board (app immediately below the video), you need to set up
  • One ship that has 2 pegs
  • Two ships that have 3 pegs
  • One ship that has 4 pegs
  • One ship that has 5 pegs
Please watch the 2 quick videos here to see how easy it is to set up your ships and play!

How to Set Up Your Game Board (Quick and Easy!)

How to Keep Track of Your Hits and Misses

YOUR GAME BOARD: Set up your ships here: They can be straight or curved! (Don't put any ship pegs on the circle R = 1.)

YOUR GAME BOARD: Use the POINT tool to keep track of your hits and misses here.