Rotate triangles


Create a triangle and rotate it using this interactive worksheet


  1. Using the point tool, plot points A (–3, 0), B (3, 0), C (1, 1) and O (0, 0). You can change the name of a point by right-clicking it and selecting Settings.
  2. Create triangle ABC:
    • Select the polygon tool.
    • Click on A, B, C then back on A.
  3. Predict the coordinates of A’, B’ and C’, after the rotation of A, B and C by 180 degrees about O.
  4. We are going to rotate the triangle.
    • Click on the Rotate around point tool. Click on point 'O'. Click inside triangle and type in angle 45. Select Clockwise and press OK. Watch the new triangle.
  5. Switch to the move tool and turn the triangle by dragging point C. Write down one observation.