Mission to Mars 5

Hohmann transfer orbit

In 1925 Walter Hohmann  (1880-1945) recognized that the minimum energy  orbit between two circular orbits is an ellipse  which is tangent at the perihelion of one orbit  and at the aphelion of the other. On Monday, November 26, 2018, NASA’s InSight Mars has landed on Mars This applet computes and displays the orbit of a spacecraft sent off from the Earth's orbit to travel to an inner or outer planet of the solar system. The transfer orbit is treated as a simple Keplerian ellipse aroundthe Sun. The perturbations by the Earth, the target planet, and all the other bodies in the Solar system are neglected. The orbits of the Earth and the target are both supposed to be circular, inclination of the orbit against the plane of the Earth is neglected.
Now you can travel from earth to Mars