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Exploring Translations 5

Question 5

a) Describe how the object is translated (the brown one is the preimage and the pink one is the image). b) Is the image congruent to the pre-image? Transformations which produce an image congruent to the preimage are called "rigid transformations." That means if I transform (or move) a shape, but all of the measurements stay the same, it's a rigid transformation. Is translation always a "rigid translation?" Be prepared to discuss why or why not.

Question 6

Use the line Toolbar Image tool to draw lines connecting the points on the preimage to their corresponding points on the image (specifically, points A, B, C, and D). What is the slope of all of these lines?

Question 7

Have you figured out a relationship between the lines and the transformation yet? Translations occur along lines that are ___________ to each other. This makes the slopes of the lines ___________.

Good work so far! You are well on your way to becoming a transformations wizard! Ready for your next spell? Check your answers, then move on to Exploring Translations 6.