2.5 Area between functions

Applet explorations

1) The goal here is to find the area enclosed by the two functions. You could try this by hand before playing around with the applet. 2) Use the checkboxes to show different areas you might like to use in your calculations – think carefully about how you would use integration to calculate these areas by hand. 3) Write down your prediction for the enclosed area and check your answer against the pink checkboxes on the right. 4) Use the dropdown menu to choose a different function and follow steps 1-3 again. Did you get it right? [Warning: The 'Show value for enclosed area' checkbox is only working properly for the first function. The enclosed area for the second function in the drop-down list should be 5.95.] 5) Type your own function into the box in the bottom right. Can you develop a general method for solving this kind of problem? Summarise any key points at the bottom of the page.

Applet conclusions

Note any key points from this activity. How can this applet be used to develop our understanding of calculus?