What's Your Point?!

Definition 1

A point is that which has no part. In other words, a point is a location without dimension. How wide is a point? Seems like a weird question, but it is important. A point has no width, no depth, no height; it is just marking a place on the paper. If I asked you to draw a point on a paper with your pencil you would probably make a small dot which obviously has a width that you can measure but the idea of a point is that it is a "dot" that you could not measure. You could zoom in or out of the paper and the dot would not get any bigger or smaller. Use the Toolbar Image below to make points below (very exciting, it's all we have right now) and zoom in or out, the point doesn't change size because we view it as not having a physical size, it is just saying "this place right here." The Toolbar Image can be used to drag the screen around, Toolbar ImageToolbar Image let you zoom in and out by clicking on the screen, and the trash can lets you erase. Always click on Toolbar Imagewhen you aren't drawing anything, otherwise it will keep drawing when you don't mean to.