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Exploring Linear Equations

Formulate Equations

5 pencils and 7 pens cost Rs50, whereas, 7 pencils and 5 pens cost Rs 46.Express as system of linear equations.

Plot the formulated equations and identify the solution.(use the input bar on the left of the following applet, you may have to Zoom in/out to see the lines clearly))

What is the cost of one pen?

What is the cost of one pencil?

Pattern with Lines

Re- Create Pattern with Lines

Study the above pattern. Make a similar (it may not be identical to above) pattern in the following GeoGebra applet. You may /may not change the colours. To help you get started one line is already plotted. Ensure that your pattern has ONE line that passes through origin.

Re-create Pattern

COMPLETE THE SQUARE In the following applet , plot two straight lines such that the points of intersection of the lines form a square with sides of length 6 units. 'A' is one of the vertices of this square. Identify the coordinates of the vertices of the square so formed.You will need them in the following question.

Write the coordinates of the other three vertices of the constructed square in the above applet.