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Classifying Conic Sections Notes

Conics in General Form

Ax2 + Bx2 + Dx + Ey + F    Rules to Remember:
  • A and B cannot both equal zero - this would be the equation of a line
  • if A = B, the conic is a circle
  • if A or B = 0, the conic is a parabola
  • if A is not equal to B and AB > 0, the conic is an ellipse
  • if AB < 0, the conic is a hyperbola

Relationships in Conic Sections

Relationships in Conic Sections
  • Conic sections can be seen as "slices" of two inverted cones. The shapes created by these "slices" are the same as the shapes which you will graph using equations.
  • The physical differences between sections are reflected in the equations of the sections.

Identify the conic section of the equation.

  1. y2 -