Describing rates/MPG in a car



Write down one conclusion or impression you can draw from the data in the table.

Compose two questions.

Compose two questions you would like to have answered to help you interpret the information in the table

Suburban strategy/info

A suburban has a fuel compacity of 31 gallons. How can you use this information for find how far a suburban can travel on one tank of gas? DO NOT SOLVE, EXPLAIN A STRATEGY.

How to write unit rates.

Calculate the distance that a suburban can travel on one gallon of gas. Write your solutions as a unit fraction/ratio, with labels in both numerator or denominator.

Create a table/coordinate plane

You will complete the table for comparison of gallons of gas used to drive and mile driven on your handout. Then, create a graph to show the relationship with gallons-miles driven. Please label your axis and each scale factor!!!

Constant rate!

What you just calculated was the constant rate and slope of the relationship of every gallon used in the car to how many miles driven! Slope- Constant rate of change from one value to another.

Make a statement!

Write a few sentences in your own words, describing the behavior of your graph relates to the information in the problem.