Design A City


Design A City Instructions

You are going to draw the streets of your town: 1. Create 6 horizontal lines 3 of the lines need to be parallel. 2. Draw 2 vertical transversal lines. These are the roads of your city. Now we are going to place the buildings of the city using the point tool. The instructions will give you two buildings and you need to place them in the intersections based on the relationships that they give you. Make sure that you edit the color of your points so that they are red and relabel them so that I know what each point represents. 1. The gas station and a restaurant are alternate exterior angles 2. The restaurant and your house are corresponding angles 3. Your house and the High School are consecutive interior angles 4. The high school and the bank are corresponding angles 5. The bank and the courthouse are vertical angles 6. The courthouse and the park are alternate exterior angles 7. The park and the grocery store are corresponding angles 8. The grocery store and the community pool are alternate interior angles Now Place 2 traffic lights at two intersections. These should be represented by green points. These can not be where a building already is. Label them light and find the measurement of both angles using the measuring tool.