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Geometry Unit 1 Lesson 5 Activity 5.3

Use compass and straightedge tools to create a ray that divides angle ABC into 2 congruent angles.

Start by finding a point on each segment that is the same distance from the vertex. (Hint:  use the Circle with Center through Point tool and use point B as the center.  It might help if you finish the circle so the point on the circle is also on one of the given segments.) If you followed my hint, then you will only have to mark the point of intersection (using the Point tool) of the other segment and the circle.  If you didn't follow my hint, then you have to mark both points of intersection on the circle with the line segments. Next, you will construct the perpendicular bisector of the segment that joins the two points you just marked.  Note, you are not going to include the line segment in this construction (the line segment tool is not available in the tool bar) To draw your perpendicular line, use the Line tool. Now measure the two angles that were just formed at point B, use the Angle tool. By creating a perpendicular bisector, you also created an angle bisector!
Remember to write your name next to your construction using the ABC Text tool. Then download a pdf of it using the "hamburger" menu in the right corner and name your download ACTIVITY 5.3 Then attach the pdf to the Google Classroom assignment