component form of a vector: Plot the points A(3, -1) and B(-2, 4). Draw a vector between the two points with A as the initial point and B as the terminal point.

What would be the component form of the vector that you constructed?

Study the given vector.

What is the component for of the vector (description of the vector)?

Translate point A by the given vector.

Describe the vector that translated point A.

What are the coordinates for the image of point A? Describe how the vector can be used to find the coordinates.

If you were to translate point A by the vector <4,3>, what would be the coordinates of the image A'?

Study the given translation.

Write the rule for the translation of triangle ABC to triangle A'B'C'.

Perform the translation with the rule(x,y)-->(x+5, y+2)

If you wanted to change the two translations to just one translation, what would be the rule for that one translation?