9.1 Taylor Polynomials

Use this applet to visualize Taylor polynomial approximations of a given function g(x) around a center point a. Remember that you can use your mouse to zoom in and out and to scroll the cartesian coordinate plane.

Finding Taylor polynomials in GeoGebra

Generating Taylor polynomials in GeoGebra is easy! Use the blank workspace below. In the Input bar enter TaylorPolynomial. The computer will prompt you to enter a function that you wish to approximate, the value  where you want the Taylor polynomial centered at, and the desired order of the Taylor polynomial, . You can also plot the original function on the same coordinate plane to see how closely the Taylor polynomial approximates the original function. Simply enter the definition of the original function into the Input bar. Click on the circle made of two arrows in the upper right-hand corner of the GeoGebra workspace to clear your functions and start over.