Lines and Transversals

Part 1: Intro to Geogebra Tools

Part 2: Constructing Parallel Lines & a Transversal

Step 1: Click the line tool and click in two spots horizontally to create a line. Step 2: Click the Parallel Line tool. Now click somewhere below point A to make a point, and then click on your original line. You should now see 2 parallel lines. Step 3: Put a 2nd point on your 2nd line by clicking the point tool and then clicking your 2nd line somewhere below point B. Step 4: Make a transversal: Click the line tool and click somewhere below your 2 parallel lines, and somewhere above your 2 parallel lines, making a transversal. Step 5: Click the Intersect tool . Now click on the 2 points where the transversal crosses the parallel lines. This should create 2 point where the 2 intersections are. If you don't get it exactly, click undo and try again. Step 6: Use the angle tool to measure all 8 angles formed by the transversal crossing the parallel lines. To measure each angle ,you must click (in order) on the 3 points that form it.

Fill in the missing information on your paper.

There are 8 total angles that were formed above. Let's name them like this: Now fill in the missing information in the table.