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Where in NYC? (VC)

According to, the top 4 tourist attractions in New York City are 1) Statue of Liberty 2) Battery Park 3) Empire State Building 4) Central Park In the applet below, these four points are plotted (and are indicated by their respective number.) Suppose you want to open a business in NYC that is strategically placed to be equidistant from the top 3 tourist attractions. Where would that location be? Use the tools of GeoGebra to help determine this. Would this be an ideal location? Why or why not?
If the location you determine above was NOT ideal, how could you determine where the most ideal location would be? Feel free to refer to this article to help you investigate and then create your own analysis. In addition, you can use to create your own map (with locations plotted) and import this image into a blank GeoGebra template. (The applet above is simply there to help get you started.) Have fun with this!