Side-Side-Side Triangles

In the interactive window below, points A, B and C can be moved by using the mouse. Simply click-and-drag a point to a new location. You can also move a point by moving the slider bars using the same click-and-drag technique. xA controls the x-coordinate of A, and yA controls the y-coordinate of A. You may also move the slider bars in increments of 0.01 by slowly clicking on the slider bar. For example, clicking on the yC control bar to the right of the circle indicator will increase the y-coordinate of point C, moving point C up slightly. You are limited to x and y-coordinates between -5 and 5. Slide points A, B and C until the three sides of the triangle have lengths 5, 7 and 8.
Record the three angles. Is it possible to make the triangle? If so, can it be made in more than one way?