Geometry Quickstart Info


General Information

The  GeoGebra Geometry Quickstart introduces users to the basic use of the Graphics View Tools by completing a set of geometric constructions (i.e. parallelogram, square, and circumcircle of a triangle). It provides information about
  • customizing the Graphics View
  • enhancing constructions using the Style Bar, and 
  • using the Navigation Bar and Construction Protocol to explore the construction steps


Chapter 1: Geometry Quickstart
  1. How to Use GeoGebra's Tools
  2. Basic Parallelogram Construction
  3. Basic Square Construction
  4. Circumcircle of a Triangle Construction
Chapter 2: Learn more about GeoGebra
  1. The Graphics Tools
  2. How to Customize the Graphics View
  3. How to Change Color, Size and Style
  4. How to Show Name, Value or Caption of Objects
  5. How to use the Show / Hide Object Tool
  6. The Navigation Bar and Construction Protocol