Problem 1

Problem 2

Problem 3

Problem 4

At noon bug is at the top of a clock, where 12 is labeled, and the clock has a radius of 20cm. It travels at a rate of 1cm per second clockwise. After 20 seconds pass, a) How far has the bug moved? b) How large is the measure of the arc that it has traveled through? c) How far away is it from the location of the minute-hand of the clock? d) How fast does the hour-hand move on the clock? (Hint: Think of a how much distance it travels in one second.)

Problem 5

A bicycle with wheel radius .5 meters moves along the ground at 20 miles per hour. After 10 seconds, how many times has the wheel made a full rotation?

Problem 6

Problem 7

In a pie chart, one of the pieces drawn in the pie makes up 50% of the chart. What is the central angle of the piece?

Problem 8

Problem 9

Problem 10

Problem 11

Problem 12

Problem 13

In the diagram above suppose the two circles have radius 10. What is the area that they enclose?