Fractal '5 Squares'

Arthur Lee

Fractal Construction by Sequences of Dilation

This fractal pattern is created from a series of dilation sequences. Here is an outline of the objects and steps in this construction: H={A,B,C,D,E}
  • H is a set of points that will be the centres of dilation.
  • S0 is the first polygon to be dilated.
  • This sequence command generates a list of objects which are the results of dilating S0 from 5 centres with a factor of 1/3. The centres are the elements of the set H.
  • The previous sequence command is used again. This time the object to be dilated is S1, that is the set of 5 objects obtained in the previous step. This process is repeated to create S3, S4 and S5.
In the end, a slider (n) is added and the objects S0 to S5 can be set to be visible based on the value of n.

construction of this file