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Trundle Wheel Exploration

In the previous lesson, you made trundle wheels so that you can measure walking distances. Today, you’ll try them out and see how well they work. If you do not have a trundle wheel, you can use an applet to simulate measuring. Your teacher will tell you which path you will measure. Measure the distance with a trundle wheel three times. Decide how to report the distance to the class. Be prepared to explain the reasons for your choice. Record the diameter and number of rotations for each trial. Calculate the length of the path using each set of values. 1. Compare your results with the results of two other groups. 2. Express the differences between the measurements of the three groups in terms of percentages. 3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different measurement methods. To use the applet: • Choose a diameter for the wheel, and enter a number 1 - 5 for the path you will measure. • Watch carefully to keep track of the number of rotations that the wheel makes before it stops. • Check your count by clicking on the box, if you choose. • Repeat twice with two different diameters for the same path, and compare your three results.